St Andrews Cross – 132/33KV Demolition, Civils & Construction

St Andrews Cross 132/33 kV Substation is an indoor AIS substation which consists of two incoming 132 kV transformer feeders, Dalmarnock 1 and Dalmarnock 2 connected to two 132/33 kV 60 MVA transformers, Grid T1A and Grid T2A respectively. Additionally, two Network Rail transformers, GT1B and GT2B 132/25 kV 18 MVA, are connected to each bay, supplying power to the local Network Rail grid through a 25 kV Switchboard.

Both existing GT1A and GT2A transformers units were manufactured by Bruce Peebles and Co Limited and commissioned in 1961.

This was an interesting project for a number of reasons. The location of the substation & the extraction of the transformers. Also the contract included the refurbishment of the substation offices.

Demolition & Civil Works

The works included the existing oil filled transformers being replaced by two similar new T1A and T2A 132/33kV 60MVA ester filled transformers, and the associated bay equipment including the following:

Electrical Demolition
• 2no. Grid transformer (T1A & T2A), along with all associated ancillaries.
• 2no. Auxiliary transformer (T1A ET & T2A ET).
• 2no. Liquid neutral earthing resistor (T1A LNER & T2A LNER).
• 2no. Standalone marshalling kiosks along with associated cabling (multicore, LVAC).
• Partial demolition/modification of the 33kV cable sealing end structures and associated ancillaries.
• 33kV cables to the transformer hall/cable basement interface.
• 90mm diameter rigid copper busbar.
• Flexible copper conductors.
• Modification to busbar support structures.
• 2no. LVAC board along with all associated ancillaries including redundant cabling.

Civils Demolition
• Brick bund walls surrounding the electromechanical plant.
• Partial demolition of the 33kV cable sealing end structures and brick in-fill panel.
• Concrete cable trough covers.
• Removal of metal screen and asbestos fire curtain.
• Redundant timber/plasterboard partition/s in office area.
• Timber/boarded partition wall/s in office area.
• Internal fire doors.
• Break room & toilet block (to allow new LVAC room to be established).

Civils Installation & Construction Works
• Installation, maintaining and removal of the site set-up including for temporary traffic/non-motorised user management associated with the external temporary accommodation cabins & site boundary.
• Refurbishment of stairs, internal office, meeting room and work area/s.
• Provision of internal office furniture and equipment.
• Provision of service connections for both the internal office area and external welfare facilities (plus disconnections associated with the external welfare facilities).
• Fabrication and installation of steel stairs to provide alternative access/egress to internal office area/s on first floor.
• Installation of passive fire measure within the building.
• Construction of new LVAC room.
• Construction of all electro-mechanical plant foundations (mass, reinforced & pre-fab. concrete) and transformer bunds.
• Provision of GRP manhole & cable trough covers.
• 12no. 5-meter-deep cores for installation of earthing rods in the transformer room floor.
• Installation of diesel generator exhaust flue from transformer hall ground floor to exit through transformer hall roof.
• Temporary works associated with the cable basement roof/transformer hall floor slab for the full duration of the contract.

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