Shrubhill – 275KV Transformer Replacement

SGT2 was commissioned in 1969 and was fitted with a masonry noise & fire enclosure. This was replaced by like for like 120MVA grid transformer including new noise & fire enclosures. In addition to SGT2 replacement the outage taken will served the removal of its associated 33kV oil filled shunt reactor (R2) and the replacement of bay equipment which include: SGT2, auxiliary earthing transformer, a liquid filled neutral earthing resistor, 275kV disconnector (H23) complete with Integral earthing switches (L21 & H21), 275kV and 33kV surge arresters, oil containment system together with a new oil/water separator, other associated transformer bay civil work will include modifications to the existing SGT2 protection equipment.

In addition, the 415V LVAC switchboard in the plant room was replaced and the new standby 200kVA diesel generator within Shrubhill 275kV compound will be installed. Lastly, loose relays were replaced as well and relays associated with the removal of R2 within the relay room were removed.

We complete the full overall protection & control scheme leading to the new SGT2 Transformer energisation on time.

The Scope of Works associated with this project involve:

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