Lister Drive Stability Balance of Plant

The Lister Drive Stability Plant project In Liverpool will provide inertia and reactive power to stabilise the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS).

The plant consists of two main components:

  1. Two (2) wound-rotor high-inertia synchronous compensators, without prime movers, providing inertia, variable reactive power output and fault current;
  2. The balance of plant, being a main substation and associated works, which will connect the synchronous compensators to the NETS as well as connecting the plant to the Employer’s control room for remote operation of the facility.

NRS Group undertook a Design and Build Contract, Civils and Electrical, including Commissioning and Energisation with the following scope:

  1. Principal Contractor role;
  2. Design and construction of the cable route. (Horizontal directional drilling);
  3. Supply, installation and commissioning of a 275kV cable connection between the point of connection to the NETS and the 275kV switchgear on the stability plant site, including cable accessories, slip-over current transformers at the point of connection, support structures for cable accessories, foundations for cable accessories and 275kV circuit breaker,  and removal of redundant structures;
  4. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 275kV switchyard for the main power connection to the NETS, including steel supporting structures where required;
  5. Design and construction of foundations for all equipment, including synchronous compensators, step up transformer, and all 275kV and 13.8kV switchgear.
  6. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the plant gateway unit / RTU and telecommunications links to the Employer’s control room, National Grid ESO and the transmission licensee;
  7. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of any other equipment and systems required for the safe and proper construction and operation of the stability plant to meet all relevant rules, regulations, and functions as described in the Employer’s Requirements;
  8. Design of acoustic housings for any noisy components which may affect acceptance of the plant by other stakeholders, noting that the synchronous compensators and associated cooling plant have already been identified as noisy components; and
  9. Design and construction of civil and building works for the stability plant, including road access and internal roads, drainage, equipment buildings and/or rooms, welfare facilities, spare parts storage, office facilities, etc. required for operation and maintenance.
  10.   Provision of HV&LV Safety Rules after energisation until hand over to the Client Operations Team.

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