SPEN – Erskine T1/T2 132/33kV Transformer Replacement BOP Works

As part of the Erskine T1/T2 132/33kV Transformer Replacement project, NRS Power Solutions have completed all the pre-outage works associated with the new Grid T2 transformer installation at Erskine substation including steel structures erection, main 132kV plant equipment installation, 132/33kV busbars installation, 33kV power cable and terminations, new LVAC board and new DC-battery system, LV cable and earthing installation. NRS have also completed a 33kV contingency installation at Devol Moor and Erskine substations, to be established during the outage works which will take place this week. Everything ready well in advance in Erskine to take the outage on GT2 this week, completing P&C panel modifications and the commissioning works to get the new Grid T2 132/33kV transformer prior Christmas